What Jobs Can a Handyman Do in My House?

Handyman is just a word but has great depth. It covers the variety of jobs that a single man can do. Handyman is literally the jack of all trades, who can do almost anything. It is hard to come up with a list of handyman skills as most of the time they greatly vary in terms of skills. However, to clear things out for you we are here with a brief overview of the jobs that you can get from a handyman. 

Mind that, all the jobs we are going to discuss are just the tip of the iceberg. You can only learn about the potential of the work of a handyman by direct contact. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic and see the jobs that a handyman can do for you.

List of handyman skills

Before getting into the details of the jobs that a handyman can provide you it is the right thing to see some of the basic skills that a handyman must have. So, the seven basic skills that a handyman must possess include;

1.     Carpentry

One of the most crucial trades for a handyman is carpentry. A competent handyman should be proficient with both hand and power tools, can measure and cut materials precisely, and be able to construct and install a variety of structures. They should be able to install baseboards and crown molding, fix or replace doors and windows, and build and install shelving.

2.     Plumbing

Basic plumbing operations like fixing faulty pipes, clearing drains, and setting up new fixtures should be handled by a competent handyman. Also, they must be able to operate safely with water and gas lines and have a fundamental awareness of plumbing standards.

3.     Electrical Tasks

A handyman should have electrical work skills as well. They must be able to operate safely with electrical wiring and install, maintain, and repair electrical appliances and outlets. Together with knowing about electrical safety, they must be able to diagnose and fix electrical problems.

4.     Decorating and Painting

Basic painting and decorating activities like painting walls and trim, hanging wallpaper, and installing molding should be within the scope of handymen’s expertise. They ought to be ready to assist homeowners in selecting the appropriate hues and supplies for their projects.

5.     Installing and repairing flooring

Installing and repairing flooring is another skill a competent handyman should possess. They must be capable of working with a variety of substances, such as hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. Also, they have to be competent to fix cracked flooring and provide the ideal supplies for a certain project.

6.     Yardwork and Landscaping

Basic landscaping and yard maintenance should be within the scope of a handyman’s abilities. This might involve creating and maintaining outdoor living areas including patios and decks, cutting plants and trees, and mowing lawns. They should also be familiar with fundamental landscaping concepts and be able to offer advice on the appropriate plants and building supplies for a specific project.

7.     General fixes

Lastly, handymen have to have a broad variety of general home repair and maintenance skills for the house. They ought to be able to replace cracked walls, leaking roofs, and malfunctioning appliances. Also, they must be capable of performing simple activities like putting together furniture, hanging artwork, and changing light bulbs.

Job vs. skill

You may be wondering now what’s the difference between a job and a skill. Well, though both terms are used interchangeably, without the right set of skills you can’t expect a job done. Thus, in the context of handymen’s services, you need to know the basic skill set of a handyman before hiring him for some particular work. To have house repair services from a handyman you need to have a person who is meticulous in his skills. Finding the right person is a bit challenging but you can trust a renowned company like Expo home painting for your handyman-required job.

Anyways, after understanding this basic difference between job and skill now is the time to see what jobs you can have in your house from a handyman. 

Jobs a handyman can offer

Although handymen can offer a variety of services based on their skill set, we will see some of the services you can have for your house by exceptional handymen of Expo home painting. You may get it by now that Expo home painting is an all-rounder company providing a wide range of house maintenance services. Their expert handymen will, of course, offer you the services that no other company’s handymen can offer in terms of quality. Thus, if you are in search of typical “home improvement services near me” then don’t go anywhere as you are at the right place.      

Without any further ado let’s see the jobs you can have done by our professional handymen.

·       Bathroom maintenance

As the name indicates it covers everything related to the bathroom. From bathroom flooring to a full-fledged bathroom renovation, you can have detailed services for your bathroom with the right handyman. And as bathrooms have a direct connection with the plumbing system, your job provider must be aware of the technicalities that lie with the plumbing system. Considering all these things a handyman should be able to complete the job without creating any problems. With skilled handymen of Expo home painting you can expect nothing but the best. 

·       Cabinets and countertops work

Carpentry is one of the key skills that a handyman should have. From adding a designer touch to countertops to staining or making cabinets, only the right person with a specific skill set can provide you with the kind of work you may need. Whether you need a person to do shelving or wall molding for you, we have got you covered. Our skilled handymen possess great carpentry skills and the required experience which is needed to complete your work perfectly. 

·       Power Cleaning

As the name indicates if you want someone to effectively clean your place you have our handymen to do so. With top-in-the-line cleaning equipment and power washing tools, you will have the thorough cleaning of any place you may want. You don’t have to stress about hiring a cleaning company to get rid of the accumulated waste after any house maintenance project. Our handymen will do all the cleaning or you. 

·       Interior maintenance

From tiny repairs to changing the wallpapers, interior maintenance includes lots of things. It could be a simple installation of a socket or it could be as huge as peeling off the wallpaper before painting. For any interior maintenance project, finding the ideal handyman is essential to making sure the work is completed to your satisfaction

So, long story short, if you want your house to be maintained all the time, it is natural to take the services of a handyman every now and then. To make that easy for you Expo home painting is offering its great handymen services.

·       Interior painting

For any interior painting project, finding the ideal handyman is essential to making sure the work is completed to your satisfaction. A knowledgeable handyman by Expo home painting will have the know-how to manage every facet of the painting process, including surface preparation, picking the appropriate paint kind, and effectively applying it. Also, they will be equipped with the proper tools and machinery to do the task quickly and cleanly.

·       Exterior maintenance

Exterior maintenance of a house covers a variety of things. From maintaining the front lawn to power washing of exterior walls, exterior maintenance requires great care and attention to little details. This is the very reason why you need to have the services of a handyman who knows his work. With expo home painting’s expert handyman, you can expect nothing but the best for your house. 

·       Exterior painting 

Expo home painting’s superb handyman will also pay close attention to every last detail so that no drips, smudges, or paint splatters are left behind after the job is done. They will take great care to prevent unintentional spills and splatters on your floors, and other surfaces. A knowledgeable handyman may also give suggestions on color choices and useful pointers to help you attain the desired outlook of your house. 

What you will get by hiring the handyman?

You will save time, money, and the bother of a DIY job by hiring the ideal handyman for your house maintenance. It’s a prudent investment that will pay off in the long term by giving you a finish that is high-quality, professional-looking, and of which you can be proud. Moreover, you can have your work the way you like. With specified professionals, you can’t dictate to them how or why, or what you want, but with a handyman, you have free rein to have your work the way you want. 

In the end, it is safe to say if you want to have house maintenance services then no one other than the right handyman can provide you the supreme quality work.