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Our Prestige Handyman Service Contractors will pay close attention to your wishes and budget. We’ve never met a job we couldn’t handle, and our track record shows it!

Handyman Lauderdale by the Sea

Complete your work quickly by having our handyman services

Want services that cover almost everything that needs to be looked after to have an updated house? Then handyman services are perfect for you. Among the many services available through our Handyman Lauderdale by the Sea service are the following: If you need any other service than the ones described below, feel free to contact us.



Fixture replacement

Most of the time, we don’t focus, but most of the kitchen or living area fixtures need to be replaced after a certain time. Though you can do it on your own, finding time in such a busy life is near impossible. You can always rely on our handyman services if this is the case. Though this kind of work doesn’t require a license, still, you can rest assured because you will have your job done by experienced professionals

Handyman Lauderdale by the Sea
Handyman Lauderdale by the Sea

Interior and exterior painting

Painting your house is the best service you can get from any local handyman services. We all know painting a home is a hectic job, and on top of everything else, managing it would be near impossible. However, you can have painting services without trouble with the right handyman services. So, reaching them for the painting job could be a good idea.


Home upgrading

Want to upgrade your home but worried about the installation of devices? No problem, our ace handyman services got you covered. Under this service, a pro will come to your place to install all kinds of devices you want to have installed at your place. We have certified handymen for any such job.

Satisfactory results

We are confident that you will have nothing but the best results from us. You can rely on our service providers for any work. You can be assured that you will have only what you paid for.

Safe and secure

The safety and security of our clients’ things is the first protocol by which our handymen will abide. So, you can rest assured about the safety and security of your place during work.

Certified professionals

For most of the handymen services, certification is compulsory. Expo home painting is one of the few companies offering handyman services under which you will have professional and certified professionals for your job.

Your one-stop solution

As we discussed, our handymen services will cover various work niches so that you can have multiple jobs done with us. From drywall installation to painting to window repair, you can have almost any work from our handymen. We assure you nothing but the best results. Furthermore, we have other contractors who specialize in the services you require. For example, you can easily find contractors for demolition work with us. This means that regardless of the type of work. You can reach us anytime.

Handyman Lauderdale by the Sea

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